What makes HIIT with Hannah unique? I get this question all the time. Believe me, there's a method to my madness. I consider everything from music and format, to exercises and the energy I bring to each workout. At the core, all of my HIIT with Hannah workouts and classes are built with 3 key objectives in mind. Read more below!


Lean muscle definition is one of the big benefits from HIIT. The combination of cardio and strength conditioning exercises over short bursts results in a maximized caloric expenditure from all energy sources (fat, protein & carbohydrates). 

Clinical research has proven HIIT as an effective and efficient form of reducing total body fat composition, in half the amount of time spent on steady state exercise. With fat loss comes the benefits of gaining lean muscle mass, which provides definition and thus a toned, strong look as the result.


Resistance training is a huge part of HIIT with Hannah. Anything from bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, mini-bands, medicine balls, TRX - you name it - can be used in HIIT to increase the strength of our skeletal muscles and boost anaerobic endurance. 

The physiological benefits are aplenty. Resistance training helps to improve posture, mobility and balance, joint function and bone density, and reduces the risk of injury, to name a few! All of this translates into functional strength used in every day life, such as carrying groceries up the stairs or picking up our kids. 



Most people groan when they hear the word endurance. Which is fair, because not everyone enjoys traditional methods of endurance training, like running. The good news is that working hard over short intervals triggers cardiovascular adaptations that are similar, and in some cases even better, than continuous endurance training.

I discovered this first hand while training for my 3rd half marathon. I shaved 6 minutes off my time by incorporating 'HIIT days' into my training schedule, which otherwise remained identical to previous years!