Online Fitness Training


I understand that not everyone needs or wants the physical presence of a personal trainer. On the other hand, not everyone knows how to source the right exercises or build safe and effective workouts that align to their goals. This is what I do best, and that's where I can help!

How does it work? Together, we will determine what your goals are and how much time you can commit weekly to the workouts. Each and every workout is 100% customizable based on space and equipment available, FUN and unique to your specific training goals. I am there to guide you the entire way, no matter where you are. Pricing is determined by length of program and number of workouts required each week. 

All workouts will be sent electronically in video and PDF format. You can view (and try!) a sample workout here.

Corporate Wellness

Did you know that companies with corporate wellness programs have seen a 28% decrease in sick leave and a 26% decrease in medical costs? Healthy employees = happy and productive employees.

I bring HIIT with Hannah into your office space for a sweat session that accommodates all fitness levels and abilities. No equipment? No problem. Employees will just need a mat! 

I have experience running classes in both start-up and corporate environments, so whatever space you have, I can work with. You can also find me on League

Pop-up   Events

Businesses are getting creative with how they reach consumers and drive traffic towards products services. I look to partner with organizations and businesses that care about the health and wellness of the community.

What better way to drive awareness to your business or cause than offering a HIIT with Hannah for the community? If you have an event  that would be a good fit, get in touch and pitch me!


I look forward to this class every week! Hannah constantly changes the format so it’s never boring, keeping it high energy and super fun. Can always count on her for a good sweat sesh.
— Melissa
Hannah’s enthusiasm, creativity and upbeat attitude inspires everyone who takes her class. I am doing much more than I ever thought I could. Thanks, Hannah, for a really great workout.
— Joanne
When it comes to HIIT and personal training, Hannah is a talented athlete and an amazing motivator. If you have a chance to collaborate with Hannah, jump on it!
— Evan
An incredibly fun AND tough workout. Hannah brings the energy and inspires everyone to give it their all!
— Addison
Can’t get a better workout than with HIIT with Hannah. Sweat dripping, cardio-blasting fun!
— Kim
I’ve been attending her sessions for a few months now, amazing environment. Never experienced a more fun, engaging, and super challenging workout than Hannah’s.
— Hasan
I’ve been around the world training and have yet to find a more inspiring fitness trainer.
— Mira
HIIT with Hannah is the most fun you’ll have all day. Heart-pounding and always different, Hannah keeps you motivated the entire time with killer music. I leave feeling strong, fit & energized!
— Claris