Death by Dumbbells Pt. I

Level: Intermediate

Equipment: Mat, 2x Dumbbells (medium & heavy if you have)


Set your timer for 5 minutes and begin with round Round 1. Complete each exercise (A, B, C) for the number of reps specified, as many times as possible until the 5 minutes is up. In between the rounds, you are doing BURPEE JUMPOVERS (jumping laterally over your vertical dumbbell) for decreasing time-based intervals. Don't forget to warm up and cool down!

Round 1 | 5 min

A. Static lunge - 15/side

B. Snap jump rows - 12

C. Chest press leg lift - 20

Burpee jumpovers - 1 MIN 

Round 2 | 5 min

A. Weighted side lunges - 30

B. Overhead jackknife - 15

C. Window shutters - 20

Burpee jumpovers - 45 SEC

Round 3 | 5 min

A. Knees-to-squat (alternating legs) - 15/side

B. Tricep press back - 25

C. Weighted side bend - 15/side

Burpee jumpovers - 30 SEC

I want to hear how you found the workout! Snap a photo, hashtag #HIITwithHannah and tag me @hiitwhannah on Instagram ...wear that sweat with pride!

Hannah Kovacs