Death by Dumbbells Pt. II

Level: Intermediate

Equipment: Dumbbells (light and medium), mat, skipping rope


Complete each exercise for 30sec followed by a 15sec break, then immediately repeat the same exercise for another 30sec + 15sec break. Move on to the next exercise until completion. There are 3x 2-minute skipping segments - beginning, middle and end. Make sure you have a timer handy! Without any breaks, this should take you 15 minutes. 

1. Skip - 2min

2. Dumbbell pushup - 30sec on/15sec off x 2

3. Weighted squat pulse  - 30sec on/15sec off x 2

4. Lateral burpees (jump over vertical dumbbell) - 30sec on/15sec off x 2

5. Plank dumbbell pull unders - 30sec on/15sec off x 2

6. Skip - 2min

7. Weighted squat kick (alternate legs) - 30sec on/15sec off x 2

8. Front raise + Side raise - 30sec on/15sec off x 2

9. Flying donkey - 30sec on/15sec off (LEFT) + 30sec on/15sec off (RIGHT)

10. Wood chop - 30sec on/15sec off (LEFT) + 30sec on/15sec off (RIGHT)

11. Skip - 2min 

Hannah Kovacs