30 Minute Shred

Level: advanced

Equipment: flat, elevated surce, open space to run, skip or climb, markers (cones)


A warm up is a must! Spend at least 5 minutes skipping, jogging and lunging it out.

12 exercises @ 45sec each, with 15 sec to transition

1. Box jumps

2. Hip lift march

3. Jump overs

4. Tricep push ups

5. Cone shuffles

6. Plank leg lifts

7. Shuffle-into-burpee

8. Windshield wipers

9. Mountain climbers

10. Elevated push ups

11. 180-degree broad jumps

12. Crunch claps

…THEN you’re doing stairs, sprints (30sec on, 30sec off), run OR elliptical for 5 min (choose one) 

…THEN REPEAT ALL 12 exercises & stretch it out 

I want to hear how you found the workout! Snap a photo, hashtag #HIITwithHannah and tag me @hkovs on Instagram ...wear that sweat with pride 💪🏼

Hannah Kovacs