Partner Workout

Level: Intermediate 

Equipment: Heavy object to hold with 2 hands. 


A warm up is a must! Spend at least 5 minutes skipping, jogging and lunging it out.

Complete 2 rounds of all 12 exercises 💪🏼

1. Back-to-back partner sit | 45sec

2. X-jumps | 45sec

3. Elevated sit ups | 30sec (males often base for this one!)

4. High knees-to-hands | 30sec/each partner

5. Lateral leap frog push ups | As many as you can in 45 sec

6. Clap pushups | 30sec

7. Shoulder squats | 30sec (again, males often base for this one!)

8. Leg raise w/ resistance | 30sec/each partner

9. Round the world wall sit | 45sec (w/ heavy object)

10. Sit up punches | 30sec/each partner

11. Jump squat high-fives | 45sec

12. Plank jump-overs | 30sec/each partner

I want to hear how you found the workout! Snap a photo, hashtag #HIITwithHannah and tag me @hkovs on Instagram ...wear that sweat with pride 💪🏼

Hannah Kovacs