To The Core

Level: Intermediate

Equipment: Yoga mat


Complete each of the exercises for 30 seconds, then repeat for a total of 2 rounds. I love pairing this one with a set of sprints or before/after a run! Should take ~15 minutes.

1. Plank jacks

2. Side plank dips (30 sec each side)

3. Mountain climber (4) pushups (1)

4. Jack-knife

5. Inch worm toe touches

6. Hip tilts

7. Side plank front-and-back (30 sec each side)

8. Sumo side bends

9. Side-to-side snap jumps

10. Plank leg lift pulses (30 sec each side)

11. Crunch to standing

12. Reverse crunch leg lifts

I want to hear how you found the workout! Snap a photo, hashtag #HIITwithHannah and tag me @hkovs on Instagram ...wear that sweat with pride!

Hannah Kovacs